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Concurrent Enrollment Instructor / Facilitating Teacher 

Are you interested in becoming a part of Trine’s team to help provide dual credit learning opportunities to students? If you are, there are 2 pathways you can choose from, concurrent enrollment instructor or facilitating teacher. In order to qualify as a Concurrent Enrollment Instructor according to the Higher Learning Commission you must first have either a Master’s degree in the field you wish to teach or a Master’s degree in any field and at least 18 graduate credit hours in their field you wish to teach. Once you have those credentials, you can reach out to us at the Office of Dual Enrollment or Apply Here to be a concurrent enrollment instructor through Trine.

The other path is as a Facilitating Teacher, this role does not require you to possess a Master’s in your field, nor even a Master’s degree at all. As a facilitating teacher, you will provide in-person support and remediation to students in the classroom while primary instruction and assessment will be led asynchronously by Trine faculty. For more information about either program please feel free to access the Concurrent Enrollment and Facilitating Teacher Handbook or reach out to the Office of Dual Enrollment at any time.

Counselors and Administrators

SealIf you are interested in offering Dual Enrollment Courses through Trine, feel free to click on the links for more information and as always, feel free to reach out to us at any time.