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Engineering and Technology Degrees


Learn practical skills for the manufacturing field or technology skills for the information field with our online engineering and technology majors. You can top off your bachelor's degree with a master's in engineering or information studies, or add a master's in business or leadership for additional personal growth. Our online programs are developed to help you balance your professional and family life while completing your degree.

Extended Reality Degree

Bachelor of Science in Extended Reality This program prepares you to develop XR apps and apply XR technology across multiple disciplines. 

Information Systems Degrees

Associate of Science in Information Systems Focus on computer programming, business computer applications, information technology infrastructure and network operation.

Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Choose from a specialized track in either Management/ leadership, healthcare, marketing, cyber security, game design/ esports, or the combined degree program allowing you to complete credit hours towards a master degree.

Master of Science in Information Studies Learn advanced leadership, information systems, and project management skills.

Industrial Engineering Technology Degrees

Associate of Science in Industrial Engineering Technology This program prepares you to succeed in multiple hands-on roles within the manufacturing sector and equips you with the skills to apply methodologies and tools to real-world processes.

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering Technology Offers you a comprehensive review of industrial engineering technology, from basic drafting of geometric sections to managing teams of professionals in an ever-changing environment.

Engineering Graduate Degree

Master of Science in Engineering Management Build on your engineering degree through courses on communication, leadership, strategic planning, innovation and Lean Six Sigma.