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Design Your Major to Fit Your Needs

A Bachelor of Arts in General Studies with a self-designed major sets the foundation to develop your own areas of expertise.  By providing a variety of options across multiple disciplines, our online general studies degree allows you to excel in the academic areas best suited to your own skills, interests and future goals.  This degree is an excellent choice if you are looking to pave a personal path toward your own career while creating an individualized learning experience. 

The Experience

As a student in this online General Studies program, you'll have access to Trine University’s vast cross-curricular expertise. You will learn to think critically, communicate effectively and synthesize knowledge across multiple disciplines – skills critical to success in any career. A bachelor's degree in General Studies can be the most personally rewarding major because it is tailored to your specific needs and interests.

The Results

As a graduate of the Trine University B.A. in General Studies degree with a self-designed major program, you are ready to enter many professional fields or continue on to an advanced degree within the major you found most rewarding. The General Studies degree embodies the central philosophy of a liberal arts education that learning to think critically and to read and write well across multiple disciplines will propel you to success in any career. It demonstrates to present and future employers that you are a self-starter and  that you have the drive and intelligence to work through a rigorous university-level program applicable to all workplace settings. 

Additional Information

The Bachelor of Arts in General Studies- Self-designed Major requires 120 credit hours.

General Education - 36 credit hours

ENG 143 College Composition
HUM 203 Humanities Seminar
SP 203 Effective Speaking
Humanities Elective
HIS 103 American History I
HIS 113 American History II
Math Elective
Science Elective
Math or Science Elective
PSY 113 Principles of Psychology
POLS 113 Introduction to Government
CSIT 103 Introduction to Information Systems

Additional Requirements - 36 credit hour

UE 101 University Experience - 1 credit hour
Electives - 35 credit hours

Self-Designed Studies - 48 credit hours

Self-Designed Electives - 45 credit hours
GS 4003 General Studies Senior Capstone Project

For a complete description of the above requirements, please go to the Course Catalog.

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